In 2014 Ray was honored by being inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters Assn. Hall of Fame. 

He joined illustrious names such as Steve Allen, Hugh Downs, Rex  Allen, Gene Autry, and many others. 

Larry Schnebly's Video Introduction of Ray: Here
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Ray's listing in Wikipedia 
Ray's recollection of the JFK assassination and how
the radio station he worked for, KTKT handled it: The Explorer 
Ray makes websites for a hobby. Check these out:
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        Remembering past years, like 2017...Why 2017? Because in January, 2017 we got married. What? Really? You're kidding! No, it's true. After "going together" for 29 years, we decided to officially tie the knot.  So, at a very small, quiet ceremony at the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene, we exchanged vows.
Here are a couple of photos of the event:
Above, L-R: Burt Schneider (Best man), Ray's daughter Karen, Groom (Nervous), Bride (blushing), Renee's brother Lee and his wife Becky. Officiating was Pastor Craig Coulter.

Below, we even got to enjoy the traditional wedding cake.
Ray Lindstrom Assorted Videos 
A wide variety of items including his most popular video, the film he shot in Las Vegas as a 15 year-old with his parents in Las Vegas in 1956.  CLICK HERE

OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS Ray has been posting assorted videos to youtube. The links to 3 separate groups are featured below. 
Ray Lindstrom's Home Movies 
Most are narrated silent 8mm films shot from 1956-1985 of friends and family. From 1985 forward are a selection of videos with sound.  CLICK HERE
Ray's Classic Videos 
A huge collection of TV commercials that ran locally and nationally featuring various businesses that Ray promoted or owned. It includes infomercials and some TV interviews.
Wanna see just one? Here's a classic.
Ray and Renee are both on this commercial for their sports quiz promotion that ran on ESPN in 1992.
Soft cover trade paperback and digital for Kindle HERE.
Hardcover HERE.

     After a painful fight with esophageal cancer, our sweet daughter Karen lost her life, Aug. 16, 2019 in the same hospital in Phoenix where she was born 50 years ago. 
     Her husband Ben attended to her with great devotion and love during that difficult time. We are thankful her suffering is over; now we are suffering with her loss. She was such a loving, gentle soul. We miss her terribly.
    The outpouring of support to Karen before and after her passing was overwhelming. Visits, calls, cards, messages...if we haven’t thanked you personally for all you have done, please forgive our carelessness. 

Arizona Republic Obituary Here

Listen to the Memorial Service/Celebration of Life for Karen at the Scottsdale Green Acres Chapel of Light, Sept. 28, 2019. HERE

     Thanks for joining us here so we can let you know the latest in our lives. We are looking forward to a happy and joyous 2022. We will continue to stay busy.
     Renee has her horse TicToc and animal charities. 
     Ray is busy writing, speaking, and coming up with new ideas plus helping with various charitable projects. 
     And, Buddy...he enjoys barking at coyotes and javelinas, but his main job is Director of Family Happiness.